Minnesota Collector Snowmobile User Survey  
Do you want to see the 25 years or older "Collector" status be modified or eliminated in Minnesota
Do you want to see "Collector" registration fees increased? 
Are 1990's "Collector" snowmobiles being regularly used on Minnesota Grant-in-Aid trails? 
Be aware that there are currently active discussions to modify current legislation. Your answers below will assist in fact-finding and provide data to shape this discussion.
Thank you for participating in this brief survey.  Your answers are important because Minnesota "collector" snowmobile registration status is under scrutiny.  Our old snowmobile hobby and the use of antique, vintage & classic class snowmobiles in Minnesota is oftentimes misunderstood by other snowmobile groups and State legislators alike.  We feel that it is the right time to poll old snowmobile hobbyists to help define our pattern of collecting and use/demonstration of our hobby machines. 

This survey also describes your three current options to register your collector sled(s) for trail use in Minnesota
Last, this survey includes a final open section --- where you are invited to comment, in your own words.

Ground rules --- Your survey question answers will be shared in aggregate only.  No individuals contributing answers will be revealed.  Only one reply per computer IP address is allowed.  Please do not try and submit the survey multiple times in order to game the results.  The computer software will automatically reject multiple submissions.  The aggregate results will be shared with collector snowmobile groups in Minnesota and the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association as a means to better understand and characterize our hobby.

Thank you for completing this survey.   We appreciate your time, insights and comments.   The results will be shared with Minnesota snowmobile organizations, Minnesota DNR and Minnesota State Legislators.  Our common goal is to inform, educate and begin constructive dialogue.  Your answers are essential to protect our rights and create fair legislation. 
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